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Emergency Dental Treatment

In most cases we can see you the same day or next day (except weekends) in our Bellbrook - Centerville office.  Please call our regular phone number to get our emergency number if you are calling outside of regular business hours. You will need to leave a message that will be forwarded to our staff. Note: We are not able to return calls between 10pm and 6am and we cannot call in a prescription after hours unless you are an established patient.

Toothaches are one of the most painful and difficult situations. You may not be able to sleep, work, or eat. It is hard to be yourself when you have a toothache. While some over-the-counter medications may help, they usually do not. A visit to the dentist is the best way to take care of your emergency.

At your appointment we will first find out the cause of your emergency situation or pain. Usually a single x-ray is needed along with an exam. Once we know the cause, we can work out a plan with you. In most cases there are several options, and we want to you decide what is best.

Note: We accept most dental insurance except Medicaid and Caresource.